Bali Indonesia.Bali, Indonesia, is one of the most visited places around the world. A small island (140 km by 80 km) (87 mi by 50 mi) often referred as "the island with 1000 gods", is one of thousands of island constituting the Indonesia Archipelago that has long been renowned as an eminent tourist destination in the world. Many names have been given to Bali island, like "the last paradise an earth", "morning of the world", and still so many others.

Each year, Bali Island welcomes over a million tourists to her shores, and total hotel capacity is over 25,000 rooms. Bali Island boasts the finest beaches in Asia. Bali island is a shopper's paradise, and visitors are dazzled by its cultural performances, traditional dances and wide range of culinary delights to choose from Bali island is justly famous for its unique Hindu culture, the splendor of its ritual arts, and the beautiful of nature. So many interesting places spread in this small island......... please visit to Bali island, and WELCOME TO BALI

Bali Distric

Bali have 8 districts and 1 municipality (Denpasar)

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